Attention Deerfield Residents:

If you plan on barbecuing please remember:

(A)     Propane Grills & Propane Tanks are prohibited in all common areas, facilities, and the individual units at Deerfield Forest Condominium. 

As we enjoy these warmer temperatures, please be reminded of the following rules and regulations regarding grills & barbecuing at Deerfield Forest. 

(B)     Electric Grills are allowed on the first floor cement patios as well as second and third floor balconies. Electric grills shall be positioned so as to prevent smoke from entering the buildings and individual units. Electric grills, when hot, must be placed on a noncombustible base or elevated surface away from the building’s vinyl siding. 

(C)     Charcoal Grills shall be permitted in the designated barbecue area located behind the tennis court and under the following conditions: 
*       Charcoal grills are not to be left unattended while lit or smoldering. 
*       All coals shall be fully extinguished before disposal. 
*       All food scraps, grease, spills, trash, etc. shall be thoroughly cleaned from the designated barbecue area after use. 
*       Lighter fluid, matches and other combustible materials shall not be left in the common areas or within reach of children and shall be properly stored in a safe place after use. 

Please contact the management office with any questions, 508-655-5500. 

Thank you.