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I have a pet, I cannot figure out the pet policy, help!

Deerfield Forest is a condominium, not an apartment complex.  In. Deerefild Forst there are no pets allowed.

I am looking for a short term rental, whats available?

There are almost never short term rentals available at Deerfield Forest, however, any short term availability will be posted on the home page.

Are there fees related to renting apartments at Deerfield Forest?

It depends on the unit being rented. As a condominium, there is no standardization of requirements for costs involved in the rental of a particular unit at Deerfield Forest. Each owner has their own policy(s) within the confines of the law.

A tenant may be ask for the following payments up front:

  • The first month’s rent
  • The last month’s rent (the month that will turn out to be the tenant’s last one in the apartment)
  • A security deposit to cover the cost of any damage to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear (which may not exceed the amount of one month’s rent)
  • A tenant paid brokerage fee (which will not exceed one month’s rent)
  • The cost of a new lock and key for the apartment.

Additional costs may include:

  • Purchasing and funding a card for use of laundry machines.
  • Purchasing renters Insurance (ask for a referral) very inexpensive and worth it.
What exactly is included in my rent?

Your rent at Deerfeild Forest includes:

  • Water (you pay via your electric bill to heat it)
  • Parking (non deeded, non assigned) one permit is issued per vehicle registered to an occupant of the property listed on the lease, up to two spots per unit. Your parking pass will allow you to park anywhere on the Deerfeild Forest property designated for parking.
  • Use of Swimming Pool, and Tennis Courts,
So what exactly is not included in my rent?

The only non optional monthly cost outside of your rent would be the electric bill.

Are the units air conditioned?

Yes, all the units at Deerfield Forest have central air. (They are not window a/c units)

Whats the real deal with laundry at Deerfield Forest?

Condos at Deerfield Forest do have washer dryer hookups in them.  If you choose to purchase your own washer and dryer we require that they are professional installed.  We ask that you purchase braided hoses to be used with your washer.  If you choose to not purchase your own washer and dryer there are two laundry facilities within the complex.



My significant other will need to take public transportation to Boston. How far is the nearest Train/ Bus station from Deerfield Forest?

The West Natick Commuter Rail Station is directly down the street from the entrance, therefore making it a short walk from any of the units on site. For further information on the commuter rail, please check out the MBTA.

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