Over the past weeks, the Board of Trustees and management have been hard at work on a plan to responsibly open the swimming pool this season. Many hours have been devoted to this goal, including initially processing the applications for pool passes and developing plans for people to reserve pool time and enjoy themselves safely. 

At the June 29 Board meeting, Management presented the finalized opening plan. After weeks of negotiations between the condominium’s attorney and the attorneys representing pool management and security companies, we have come to the conclusion that we are simply unable to bind contracts in such a way that there is an acceptable level of accountability, should a COVID-19 incident occur at the pool. Additionally, Deerfield’s general liability policy and its director’s and officers’ liability policy contains pandemic exclusions-meaning that, for a pool opening, the condominium association would need to endure too much liability; any litigation could put the association’s entire reserve funds at risk. The Board doesn’t feel it would be responsible to jeopardize Deerfield’s financial well-being in exchange for opening the pool for the remainder of this summer.

The Trustees recognize the disappointment this decision will mean for many residents. We hope, however, that people will agree it was the only responsible decision that could be made. We will continue to monitor the ongoing and rapidly changing conditions, to ensure we are poised for a responsible pool opening next year.

Deerfield Forest Condominium Trustees